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I try to only tackle topics I think I have unique points to add. I will link out to some other
resources that might be useful here.
Join a Design Community!
I personally recommend Design Buddies, a very active and inclusive community for beginner and seasoned pros.
Find a mentor!
ADP list is a great free resource to find someone working in a specific geographic area or industry. Also great for getting your portfolio reviewed.
Note from the author:
Feel free to share this resource. I am only directly sharing the link with my mentees and other senior designers who are peer-reviewing it for now. I plan on continuously trying to add new topics here as they come up and doing a few more rounds of review before sharing to a larger audience. If you have any comments, feedback or suggestions just leave a message :)
Please note most of the content there (aside from the ones I link out) are my OWN OPINIONS and based on personal experience. I am not trying to claim these are the "right" answers on many of these topics. I am simply offering an opinion which has been reviewed by some of my design peers.