Welcome to UXSurveySEA 2020
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Welcome to UXSurveySEA 2020
Last updated on @Dec 30, 2020 by @Kimberly M
What is UXSurveySEA 2020?
UXSurveySEA was conducted to better understand the UX community in Southeast Asia. Gaining insights from UX practitioners and their career experience, salary and UX maturity in organisations and more. This is a self-initiative project conducted by Kimberly Mak. This project is not affiliated with any organisation. Any enquiries can be send to [email protected] Special thanks to friends, James and Lynn for proofreading these.
Why is this important?
The adoption of UX practices varies in countries and organisations in Southeast Asia. With the rise in demand of UX skills, mapping out the UX community is important to help us keep informed and demand a fair compensation (monetary and non-monetary) in an ever-evolving industry.
What do I do with this information?
Share with your co-workers, peers, people who are transitioning into UX.
Discuss what is lacking in the industry and what is working.
Learn more from other resources. The info we gathered from UXSurveySEA 2020 results acts as an entry point for discussion. Depending on where you are based in, you are welcome to interpret and make your own insights of what is gathered and presented.
Design Tools Survey by Taylor Palmer
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Feedback List
1. Would you like to see a UXSurveySEA conducted in 2021?
2. What are some questions you wish were asked in the survey?
3. Your main takeaway from the survey?
Which of the following does your role encompass? (Different companies have different roles for UX/UI e.g. coding, information focused, UI etc)
Insightful for potential career development in the region!
The methods used & how long does they take to execute
very insightful, keep up the good work!
common struggles among the different UX roles (designers, writers, strategist..etc)
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